Mini-AMW Battle Report Pyrrhus vs Rome

This was my first full sized battle of Mini-AMW.  I used the DBA lists for Pyrrhic and Polybian Roman for the two sides. All of the stats were readily translatable from AMW to the various units called for in the lists.  The battle was fought out on my computer using VASSAL. 

Each unit has a number corresponding to the number of points (stands) the unit has left.  You can click on the pictures to see larger versions of the battle.    

The Romans advance across the line.

The Romans advance. The light cavalry rush the Cretan archers.


Pyrrhus responds by harassing the Roman cavalry with javelin and bow fire.


The Roman cavalry charge on both flanks while the center presses the attack forward.


The Roman infantry is getting the worst of it on the left but is gaining the upper hand on the right. The right cavalry can't seem to run off the Pyrrhic light cavalry.


A tale of two flanks. The Roman left is dominated by the Pyrrhic forces while the Romans are starting to make short work of the right.


Rome is sure to control the right and is starting to gain ground on the left. The companion cavalry barley holds on and the light cavalry finally breaks.


The companions break. Only the center left is still in doubt. The Romans are eating up both flanks. The Cretan archers continue to harass the Roman cavalry.


After a failed flank attack on the mercenary hoplites on the left, Pyrrhus commits his Thessalian cavalry to attack the weakened Roman cavalry in the flank. The Cretan archers manage to drive off the Roman cavalry on the right. The Elephant is being attacked from both front and back.


The elephant is driven off and rampages through the rear hastati unit. However, it causes no damage. The roman hastati in the center is finally eliminated and the Roman army is dangerously close to their break point. Victory is slipping away.


Attacks continue to weaken both sides as both armies are used up. The Cretan archers start to creep back into the fight. Pyrrhus starts to maneuver his lone phalanx toward the right.


The end. The Roman left cavalry finally collapses under the weight of the Thessalian onslaught. The Triari hold out to the end.


It was a very dramatic battle.  The momentum swung back and forth and ended with Pyrrhus inflicting 9 casualties while receiving 7 himself.  One more victory like that and he will be undone!  

AMW seems to lend itself well to small DBA sized battles.  I could have tracked the hits and removed a point (stand) per 4 hits as per the rules.  I am going for a quick, fun, and interesting game not unlike DBA.  Something that I can drag out and put away in an hour or so.  With the few modifications I outlined in my previous post, AMW can accomplish this nicely.

One Response to Mini-AMW Battle Report Pyrrhus vs Rome

  1. Dale Hurtt says:

    Very interesting. The pictures are huge, however. You might want to convert them to something lightweight.

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