Norman, Saxon, Viking army lists coming soon…

I’ve decided to finally employ my rather large Norman, Saxon and Viking armies in Ancients D6.  The lists will actually include the three armies mentioned as well as the Welsh.  Here is a rundown of what is in store for this army book.


  • Knights – basically shock cavalry that appears in several of the lists already.  These will have the option for veteran status.
  • Retainers – These are younger knights, perhaps without as much experience.  They are not as well armored and do not have the option for veteran status.
  • Spearmen – These can represent raised militia spear or dismounted knights.   Generally, they will be lightly armored but a portion may be upgraded to mail and shield and the armored versions may be veteran.
  • Skirmishers will be armed with bows.  They will also have the option to be crossbow armed, complete with the armor piercing advantage.

Middle Saxons:

  • Hearth Troops – There will only be one or two of this type of troop in the army.  This represents the kings picked men.  Well armed and armored with the option of being veteran.
  • Thegns – These troops represent the nobility of the Saxon lands.  They can be armored and will usually be armed with spear and shield.
  • Fyrd – This is the national guard of the Saxon army.  They have no armor but carry a spear and shield.  Generally they fight pretty well for what they are.
  • Fyrd Skirmishers – These missile troops may be armed with either javelin or bow.


  • Huscarls – The elite troops of the Anglo-Danish armies.  These men are armed with mail and either spear and shield or the danish war axe (armor piercing).  They are always veteran.
  • Select Fyrd – Like the thegns in the middle Saxon  army, may have armor and usually use a spear and shield.  These are the regular soldiers of the army.
  • Fyrd – Just like the middle Saxon army.
  • Fyrd Skismishers – Just a couple to round things out.  They will be the same as the middle Saxon skirmishers.


My view of the Vikings (or Norse) is that they are rapid moving and hard hitting.  They are based on the 3 man warband to give the spectacular effect in combat.  They were probably quick to cut and run when things went badly for them, less so out of fear, but mostly for practical reasons.

  • Hirdmen – These troops are the huscarls of the Viking world.  Well armed and armored. They may have war axes and will have fear and veteran status.
  • Bondi – Thse troops are lightly armored and carry spear and shield.  They are the backbone of the Viking army.  They fight well and a portion my be given veteran status.
  • Bondi Archers – Formed archers.  The Viking army may have a few of these.  Bow armed and massed 3 to a stand, these are definitly not skirmishers.
  • Berserkers – The legendary crazies of the Norse world.  They wear no armor and don’t use shield.  They are fanatics that carry a battle axe.  They also cause fear.

I have not thought out the Welsh yet but you can bet that there will be a fair amount of longbowmen formed and in skirmish order.  I have not decided about what kind of line troops they will have.  I’m leaning toward regular heavy infantry that have no armor but carry a spear and shield.

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