More Rules Tweaks

I’ve changed the way Behemoths and Chariots work.

Behemoths no longer retreat if they lose a combat.  Instead, if they faila morale check, they are destroyed.  Furthermore, they can rampage.  Any formed unit (light or heavy) that is within 1″ of the rampaging elephant takes 2 hits and makes a saving roll as normal.  If they took any damage, they make a melee morale check.

Chariots are simply destroyed if they fail any morale check (missile or melee).  The rational is that chariots are being pulled by multiple horses.  If one horse is incapacitated, the chariot is out of action.

Any troop may now break off combat per the break-off movement rules so long as they are faster than the enemy they are engaged with.

Infantry will be reclassified as heavy, light and skirmish infantry.  It follows the Ancient historians a little better.  No game effect.  Just cosmetic.

Finally, I have reclassified some of the infantry.  Peltasts now have a charge bonus similar to the roman infantry, simulating a short range javelin barrage.  Most Greek and Thracian peltasts will have 3 figures and will be classed as light infantry.  Units such as Samnites and other Oscan tribes will have 4 figures.  They will be classed as heavy infantry but will retain the 2″ movement.

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