Black Powder Wars

My new game, Black Powder Wars, is aimed at capturing the feel of the black powder era from around 1700 to about 1865. The mechanisms will be very simple. There are three basic arms in the game. Infantry, cavalry and artillery. Infantry and cavalry will be rated for Morale grade and troop quality.

Morale grade measure the overall mental toughness of the troops. This toughness comes from campaign experience. The grades are Green, Seasoned and Veteran.

  • Green troops have little or no combat experience.
  • Seasoned troops have seen battle. This is the most common grade found in line units.
  • Veteran troops have much experience. They could be troops that have seen years of combat or are simply a guard unit that is constantly supplied with veterans from other units.

Troops quality reflects the overall training and equipment of the troop type. The quality levels are Militia, Regulars and Guards.

  • Militia are such troops as National Guard or Landwehr. Generally, they are not well equipped and have only a rudimentary amount of training at best.
  • Regulars are fairly well equipped and trained. They are the back bone of the army.
  • Guards are the best of the best. They receive the best equipment and uniforms and usually the morale grade is high.

Here are some examples.

British 5th division would have 2 brigades of veteran regulars and a brigade of green militia.

The French Old Guard infantry division would have 2 brigades of veteran guards.

A typical line division would have 2-3 brigades of seasoned regulars.


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